A suite of wp-cli commands for Pressbooks.

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This package implements the following commands:

wp scaffold book-theme

Generate the files needed for a Pressbooks book theme.

wp scaffold book-theme <slug> <vendor> [--theme_name=<title>] [--description=<description>] [--uri=<uri>] [--author=<author>] [--author_uri=<author_uri>] [--github_account=<github_account>] [--github_repo=<github_repo>] [--license=<license>] [--textdomain=<textdomain>] [--version=<version>] [--dir=<dir>] [--activate] [--enable-network] [--force]

Default behavior is to create the following files:

  • functions.php
  • .gitignore, .editorconfig, package.json, composer.json, composer.lock, yarn.lock

Unless specified with --dir=<dir>, the theme is placed in the themes directory.


	Slug for the new theme.

	Vendor for the new theme. Used in composer.json and package.json.

	What to put in the 'Theme Name:' header in 'style.css'. Defaults to <slug>.

	Human-readable description for the theme.

	What to put in the 'Theme URI:' header in 'style.css'.

	What to put in the 'Author:' header in 'style.css'.

	What to put in the 'Author URI:' header in 'style.css'.

	The GitHub account that owns this project (e.g. 'pressbooks'). Defaults to vendor.

	The GitHub repo name for this project (e.g. 'pressbooks-book'). Defaults to slug.

	What to put in the 'License:' header in 'style.css'.
	default: GPL 2.0+

	Text domain for the theme. Defaults to <slug>.

	Version for the theme.
	default: 1.0

	Specify a destination directory for the command. Defaults to the themes directory.

	Activate the newly created book theme.

	Enable the newly created book theme for the entire network.

	Overwrite files that already exist.

wp pb issue-template

Generate an issue template for a Pressbooks theme or plugin, placing it in .github/

wp pb issue-template <slug> --type=<type> --owner=<owner> [--dir=<dir>] [--force]


	Slug for the theme or plugin (e.g. pressbooks, pressbooks-book).

	The type of repo for which we're generating an issue template. Must be `theme` or `plugin`.

	The GitHub username of this repo's owner (e.g. pressbooks).

	Specify a destination directory for the command. Defaults to the theme or plugin's directory.

	Overwrite files that already exist.

wp pb theme lock

Lock a book's theme.

wp pb theme lock --url=<url>


	The URL of the target book.

wp pb theme unlock

Unlock a book's theme.

wp pb theme unlock --url=<url>


	The URL of the target book.

wp pb clone

Clone a book.

wp pb clone <source> <destination> --user=<user>



	Book slug on the current network

	sets request to a specific WordPress user


Installing this package requires WP-CLI v1.3.0 or greater. Update to the latest stable release with wp cli update.

Once you've done so, you can install this package with:

wp package install


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